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More than a virtual assistant.
More than a personal assistant.

Executive Services
with your brand in mind.

What Clients Are Saying

"Josselyn is an absolute Rockstar and we could not be happier having her apart of our team. Her attention to detail, organization and prompt service has been vital to the growth of our young company. Most impressively, her positive and cheerful personality has been a tremendous bonus to her professional service."

-Paul Job, Paul Job Fine Homes

"I cannot speak highly enough of Josselyn. Having her as a strategic member in our growing business has been invaluable. She really "gets" what we do, and understands our brand and clientele. She is knowledgable, efficient, creative, good at strategy AND tactical execution, and kind. I highly recommend her services."

-Kinia Romanowska, Pros&Babes

"I met with Josselyn to develop some processes for improving my efficiency and my ability to meet my clients' needs as I continue to grow. Josselyn was such an incredible resource for this and left me feeling confident and prepared to take my business to the next level. If you're ever looking for help with improving your business processes, or just need some with your day-to-day, I'd highly recommend you check out Red Executive Services!"

-Danielle Dugan, Etched In Marketing

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Josselyn as she assisted me in facilitating a large, complex workshop. Josselyn did a great job capturing the key points from team discussions and preparing an accurate summary report . Her work helped me a lot, and I look forward to working with Josselyn again."

-Allan Lowe, Allan Lowe & Associates Inc.

"Josselyn is my inbox hero and more. From our first point of contact on email, Josselyn had me saying "yes...yes...YES. I need this person in my business". She is entirely focused on my business needs and making my life easier; plus, she takes initiatives and thinks of how my business can benefit from her services and network of professionals. Josselyn is a strong writer, gives my work the same attention (or more) that I would give it, and has given me the gift of time to get back to growing my empire."

-Amanda Wagner, The Complement

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"Josselyn is professional, detail oriented and diligent. interVivos had her on hand to assist with our Strategic Planning session in December 2018. She did an excellent job of capturing the thoughts and opinions of board members, alumni, community leaders and stakeholders. The session was fast paced and she did not miss anything. She was even comfortable asking clarifying questions which will add to the richness of our strategic plan. interVivos looks forward to working with Josselyn again in the near future."

-Zohreh Saher, interVivos President

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