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About Red Executive Services

All executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives have tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant, a.k.a VA.


Outsourcing tasks to Red Executive Services is not just about minimizing your task list. It is about expanding your capacity to stay focused on what you’re best at in your biz.


Primarily, Red Executive Services completes tasks remotely. For clients located in Edmonton, Alberta, in-person business support services are offered, and face-to-face meetings are an added bonus!


Hiring a VA for your business eliminates the need to seek seasonal and casual “as-needed” employees. Even for full-time work, hiring a VA means saving costs on benefit packages, statutory pay and vacation time.


Because you’re working for your business, and Red Executive Services is an independent business (working for you), as a pair, this sets us up to have a true collaborative relationship.





Who is the Girl Behind RED?

Josselyn McDonald has red hair, and has built her brand based on her most natural identifier, “Hey, Red!” She’s a firecracker in that she’s an ambitious go-getter – your go-to to-do girly girl! She brings passion and energy to her work, has a flare for creativity, a knack for organization, and she works with an efficiency that makes you think she just might be on fire. She's resourceful, and only just a little bit of a perfectionist.

Josselyn holds her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta, and is currently completing the final requirements towards obtaining her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Community Economic Development. When you hire Red Executive Services, you’re not just hiring an assistant. You’re working with someone who understands business, and that’s a bonus!

Josselyn majored in English in her undergraduate studies, and brings outstanding communication and writing skills to the table. She values the true collaboration that occurs when a team is genuinely invested in the work they do. For Josselyn, developing rapport with clientele, offering customer service that WOWs, and making life easier for others are the most rewarding parts of her work as a VA. She’s a helper at heart and seeks the satisfaction of making others happy.

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