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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your time is valuable. Get to know me on a personal level to see if 

is the best fit for you!

What is your dream job in the future and why? 

I am already working my dream job! I have a teaching degree and went back to school for my MBA (all of my courses are complete, I just need to write my thesis to graduate). It's a long story as to how I got here (a 2018 car accident put me off work, and that paved the path to me starting my own business instead of returning to work). I'm not the kind of person who seeks constant challenges in work and wants to climb a corporate ladder. My work is dynamic and I get to use my "business brain" A LOT, but at the same time, there is truly no job that is beneath me. I'm happy to run errands. I will seriously pick up dog poop if that's what the day calls for! I love working as an executive/personal assistant and offering a high level of support to my clients. I am always learning about different industries, practices, and methods from my clients. I love that I choose my clients as much as they choose me, which results in really awesome and fruitful relationships on both sides. I feel the most appreciated when my clients express their gratitude and tell me that I've done a fantastic job. I always go the extra mile for my clients and often pull off "the impossible," which is incredibly rewarding for me. If you've ever watched Scandal, Olivia Pope's classic line is "it's handled," and that's always my objective. 


What are your long-term goals?

 My long-term goals, truly, are to live a simple life that I enjoy. The list of things I need to be happy and thriving are:

  • In work, having some flexibility in my schedule, a fantastic working relationship, and a mix of working from home and getting out and about

  • A steady income

  • The ability to live comfortably

  • Of course, the simple things include my dog, Remy, going for walks, delicious food, getting enough sleep, and taking good care of myself and those around me

That's it. That's the vision. I don't want to run for office, teach English every day, or pioneer a Fortune 500 company. I just want to be happy and valued. I am more than happy supporting those with a mission.


What specific qualities and skills do you have that your clients value?

  • Excellent writing skills

  • Master's level education in business (All MBA courses finished, just need to write thesis)

  • Desire to help and have amazing working relationships

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Polite and professional

  • Happy to just "do," but also happy to solve problems/consult on the business-end of things as well 

  • Efficiency in completing tasks 

  • Extremely resourceful (this is HUGE!)

  • Extremely detail-oriented

  • Always keeps legalities in mind

  • Great at taking photos

  • Creative

  • Reliable vehicle and clean driver's abstract, no criminal record, vulnerable sector check

  • I'm always learning. I want to know how I can do better. I really value respect and kindness.


Do you offer social media services?

I have on a small scale in the past, but it's not something I enjoy. I've done all of my social media myself. I developed my brand, designed my logo, and I manage my own instagram account and website. I currently refer out all social media inquiries. 


What specific type of accounting or bookkeeping experience do you have?

I took accounting in my MBA. I hated it. I have a bookkeeper for my own business. I don't enjoy either, and it makes more sense to leave bookkeeping and accounting to the pros. 


Please give an example to outline your organization and time management skills:

My mission in my own business is to manage multiple clients, but have each one feel as though they're my only one. I used to work in exam administration, which involved keeping track of exam timing, permitted and prohibited materials for many different types of exams, and test taker sign in/out. Doing all of this for a full testing centre simultaneously required exceptional time management and organization. Another example I can give you is as follows:

A client requested (with less than 24 hours of notice during the pandemic) that I organize a massive International Teacher's Day activation. Here's what I had to do:

  • Contact multiple schools, speak to the Principals directly, and find out how many staff they have AND if they are able to accept outside coffee and individually wrapped treats for teachers (some schools interpreted COVID regulations as YES, others as NO).

  • Coordinate with local coffee shops to arrange for 627 cups of coffee and individually wrapped treats to be made and ready starting at 8:00AM the following day, with staggered trips to allow them to brew enough coffee

  • Staff the activation to have multiple drivers (using my own subcontractors) because coffee needs to be delivered hot and promotional materials, coffee, and treats take up a lot of vehicle space!

  • Develop the staff schedule, timing, and routes for multiple schools with multiple trips to pick up and deliver coffee, treats, and promotional materials

  • Have my lawyer develop a subcontractor contract specific to the nature of the activation for me to hire subcontractors

  • Brief all subcontracted staff on branding, COVID-19 restrictions, and have subcontractor agreements signed 

  • Get branded T-shirts to subcontracted staff prior to 8:30AM the next day

  • Collect photos for social media, with school staff consent, without any of the subcontractors being allowed to step foot inside of each school 

  • Pay all subcontractors and local coffee shops

And it all got done without the client having to do a thing or worry that anything would be overlooked. 


What hours do you work?

This is completely flexible. I like to be extremely accommodating, but also like to have boundaries (I think both are possible!). I am NOT a morning person and prefer working within the hours of 11AM-9PM. With that being said, I do still work mornings and will still go the extra mile in being flexible. I try not to work weekends, but they aren't off the table entirely. 


What type of personal assistant experience do you have? Please be specific.

  • I had a client who was a homebuilder. The possession date was pushed back (as sometimes happens in the industry) and possession ended up being on a date where the builder was going to be out of the province. I handled the possession (walk-through, passing of keys, celebratory basket, etc)

  • I've accompanied clients on photoshoots and styled them for photoshoots

  • A client of mine was getting married and chose not to have bridesmaids. Instead, I handled everything on the day of the wedding, from delivering Starbucks to tightening her dress and fixing her hair

  • One of my clients used me 90% for PA services, including purchasing groceries, scheduling his house cleaner, driving his dog to and from daycare and the groomer. Doing the extra things - ex: when delivering groceries, the kitchen was a disaster, so I stayed two hours to clean the kitchen

  • Calendar management, personal bookings, scheduling surgeries and medical procedures, lab work, etc. 

  • Determining what kind of boiler fluid an industrial building was using and arranging for samples to be taken and delivered. Procuring new fluid with the correct ratios, and having that delivered. (The client said: "I need you to figure out what kind of boiler fluid is being used and have it replaced").

  • Managing a client's rental property and handling after hours concerns (the furnace stopped working while the tenant was living there and the client was out of the country)

  • Arranging for trades to enter a client's condo while the client was out of the country and supervising them while doing electrical work. At the same time, the unit's furnace stopped working - so I worked to contact the client with the news, determined whose responsibility it was (his, not building maintenance) sourced quotes, and ensured a new furnace was installed for his arrival home

  • Flight bookings, random errands, gift shopping, air bnb scouting

  • Vacation planning and itinerary creation (The client said: Book me a vacation and schedule fun things to do on x nights, but only between x hours)

  • Planning fun weekend activities for a client's family and children

  • Arranging for promotional items (ex: picking up and delivering balloons, having custom branded cookies made)

  • Purchasing and wrapping staff gifts for an office of over 25. I love corporate gifting! I think traditional gift baskets suck. I'm great at customizing gift boxes and sending gifts that WOW. 

  • Finding a personal chef in Vancouver and arranging for them to cook a private meal at an airbnb

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